The Basics

What is Dimensions?

What is Dimensions?

Dimensions is a Role Playing Game following a rich tradition of decision-based storytelling. Recommended for groups of 4 to 6 people, players take on the role of adventurers setting out to solve problems, defeat monsters, and engage in epic stories. Groups can take on pre-built missions designed to take about an hour apiece, or invent their own adventures through collaborative storytelling. Built upon the premise that players can use imagination to make their own choices and determine unique outcomes, no two sessions will play exactly the same.

Choose your Adventure

Select one of the pre-built adventures from the Story Portal or have a player prepare one of their own in advance. Guidelines for creating your own stories can be found on our website.

Decide your Roles

One player will take the role of Storyteller, with the job of making sure that the story is progressing and that the players are having a good time. The other players will choose from a selection of pre-built Characters, each with special abilities and unique skills.

Make Decisions

The Storyteller will use the Story Portal to tell the Characters what is happening and prompt them to make key choices along the way. The Storyteller will also help players to make “Checks”, in which players roll a number of dice to determine outcomes.

Unlock your Destiny

As you make decisions as a group and succeed or fail at your checks, unique outcomes will open up in the story. Unlock secrets, easter eggs, and achievements by playing each adventure with different choices and Characters.

Create your own stories

Unlike a traditional video game, where all decisions and choices are predetermined, the Storyteller can deviate from what is written to allow for greater freedom. Additionally, training and tips are available on our website to help Storytellers who want to deviate from the pre-written campaigns.

What Role Will You Play?


Characters are in charge of making decisions as a group and solving problems through imagination and dice rolls.

Player Classes

Each Character has unique abilities and strengths, and can be used to solve problems in unique ways. A good group will leverage each player at different times to further the story.

  • BARD
  • MONK


The Storyteller plays a unique role in Dimensions. Where traditional video games force players to stay within the bounds of what is programmed, Dimensions encourages players to find unique solutions and tell the story in their own way. Storytellers help players to navigate the world and bridge gaps between the players, rules, and adventures. While the pre-built campaigns are designed with players and Storytellers of all skill levels in mind, Storytellers are encouraged to interpret, bend, and even break the rules to help everyone have a good time.

Heed the call to Heroism!

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Delve into the Web of Oloros Campaign or Create Your Own Custom Game

Season One of the Dimensions Official Storyline sets players loose on the world of Elnaria, a High-Fantasy plane plagued by rumors of an underground organization bent on bringing evil back from the void. Explore dungeons, forests, and cities to find the secrets being hidden from the world- and find treasures from the past to help you on your quest!


Pre-built campaigns set in the Dimensions Multiverse are being continually designed to enable players to explore easy-to-play adventures, but the adventure doesn’t have to stop there! Design your own stories and even worlds using the easy-to-learn rules and digital Adventure Portal.

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Unlock additional content by playing through the Dimensions Multiverse, then access the technical details in our Adventure Portal, a campaign creator designed for players to use official content and build their own adventures. Design your own stories, monsters, decisions, puzzles, and content to allow endless possibilities and opportunities to use the Dimensions Role Playing System.

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