Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play Dimensions?
All of the content that you need to play your first games of Dimensions is available through our Starter Kit, and additional content, merchandise, and advanced rulesets can be found HERE.
Do I need to buy (and read) special books to play Dimensions?
All of the information you need to play the game is included in the Starter Kit, and is designed to allow you to learn and play your first game in around an hour.
What if I have never played a Role Playing Game before?
Our adventures are designed to teach you step by step how to play the game, and have an easy-to-navigate interface to guide you through the process. We built this with you in mind; rest easy knowing that if you can count, you can play!
What do you mean by _______?
Check our Glossary for quick lookups on unusual terms. If you still aren’t sure what to do, make up the best rule that you can and Let Us Know what’s missing so that we can update our ruleset!
What do we do if we want to make a decision that the story doesn’t list?
The Storyteller’s Guide is here to help you! We cover how to make checks not listed in the Story Portal, teach you how to guide players back to the story, and help you learn to improvise when the Characters want to do something unusual. Feel free to bend and break the game to fit your needs, and if there is a better story than the one being told, tell that story instead! Let Us Know what you did and it might even make it into a future update!
Do I have to play the pre-built campaigns?
Not at all! Although we encourage you to play through them to learn the mechanics of the game, the full ruleset is available on our website through the Starter Kit. We have also produced some optional Advanced Rules to add more texture and complexity to the game for those of you who are familiar with Role Playing Games. We have also created a Campaign Creator to help you build your own stories.
I have played many Role Playing Games. What does Dimensions do for me?
We encourage you to play through the stories we have built, with the promise of more content to come. If you’d like to create your own content (for Dimensions or otherwise) we have produced a Campaign Creator to help you build dynamic adventures. Additionally, we have produced some Advanced Rules to allow experienced players to customize their games. Ultimately, we encourage you to spread the joy of Role Playing by introducing people to what we believe is the simplest system to teach and play, Dimensions.

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