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The Story Behind Dimensions

The Story Behind Dimensions

The Dimensions Role Playing Game started in a cabin in the woods, when a group of friends asked to play an RPG using only the contents of a popular cup-and-dice game. Frustrated with the complexity of most d6 systems, Alton worked to reduce the features of traditional tabletop role play to their simplest forms, enabling non-gamers to enter without a steep learning curve.

Originally intended for a small group of friends, the more it was tested the more people requested their own copies and additional content. As the horizon on the game expanded, it was decided that Dimensions deserved to be shared with everyone—and the Simplest Role Playing System in the World was born.

Through clever programming, innovative storytelling, and uncomplicated design, Dimensions is the Role Playing System for everyone. Veterans and Newcomers alike will be enthralled and inspired to explore and create worlds without end, all while allowing the complexities of game design to be handled by an intuitive framework. Begin your adventure today!

The Creator Of Dimensions

Alton is the lead architect of Dimensions, with experience designing multi-tiered campaigns and role playing mechanics. His background in teaching new players, improving process design, and simplifying complicated rulesets inform his mindful but entertaining approach to table-top gaming. Alton is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of game design. He considers himself a ‘design junkie’ eager to both explore new design space and simplify the processes that drive good gameplay.

His insatiable drive for simplification and determination to produce memorable experiences has contributed to his success in working with multiple game stores and many hundreds of new gamers. Throughout his time as a game master Alton has worked hard to inspire gamers to look beyond games as mere entertainment, but to also embrace them as tools for growth and catharsis.

Alton believes games can be a force for change, and that every player has a moral responsibility to buoy the communities they serve. Through teaching tolerance and respect, the world can be a better place, and games enable people to practice being who they wish they were. Always ready for a challenge, reach out to Alton at @Talon_ReQuo on Twitter!

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